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Stevenson Scholar Exchange: For Faculty and Staff

Information about Stevenson University's institutional repository

Stevenson Scholar Exchange @ Stevenson University

What items can faculty and staff submit to Stevenson Scholar Exchange?

Stevenson Scholar Exchange currently accepts scholarly, academic, professional, and creative work by Stevenson University/Villa Julie College faculty, staff, and students.  We also accept work produced by faculty staff, and students who are no longer at Stevenson University, as long as the work was created during the time they were employed here or attended the university.

Some examples of the types of documents you might submit include:

  • Scholarly articles
  • Presentation materials
  • Posters
  • Reports
  • Papers, working papers, and whitepapers
  • Data and images
  • Essays and criticism
  • Nonfiction books
  • Nonfiction book chapters
  • Poetry
  • Novels and other fiction works
  • Musical compositions
  • Film or video works
  • Digital representations of physical artwork

The above list is not meant to be exhaustive.  If you have a piece of work that doesn't fall in one of those categories, please contact us to ask how it can be added to Stevenson Scholar Exchange.

How do I submit my work?

You can submit your work directly to Stevenson Scholar Exchange by registering for an account.  (It helps if you use your Stevenson email address, but that's not a requirement.)  Once you've registered, you'll be given permission to upload your publication(s) to the Stevenson Faculty and Staff Works collection.  There is a step-by-step form that asks for information such as title, place of original publication, and keywords or subject terms.

If you have questions or would like assistance uploading, contact Elizabeth Fields at

Before you upload anything to Stevenson Scholar Exchange, you must hold the rights or have received permission from the copyright holder.  This includes permission to quote, remix, sample, or reinterpret content that is currently under copyright.  It is your responsibility to verify that you have the right to upload the item to Stevenson Scholar Exchange, and you accept the responsibility for any violation of those rights.  For more information, see the Copyright section of this guide.

How do I nominate student work?

All student work in the Exchange is currently accepted under a nomination system.  Faculty, staff, administrators, or advisors who feel that they have a student who has done excellent work should email to make arrangements for inclusion.  Please tell us which School the project was produced for (this may or may not be the same School in which the student is majoring).  If that doesn't apply, please tell us if it falls under a special category, such as:

  • Honors Program
  • Service Learning
  • Internship
  • Study Abroad

Once we receive your nomination, we'll create an account for the student and make arrangements for him or her to upload the work.

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