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At Stevenson University, there is a specific librarian assigned to each School, department, or program.  Your librarian is your first point of contact for library questions such as:

  • Finding and accessing sources
    • "How do I find an article on adult learning theory?"
    • "Do you have the article Genomic heterozygosity is associated with parasite abundance, but the effects are not mediated by host condition?"
  • Trouble with accessing sources
    • "I can't log into the library database."
    • "I don't see a link for full text."
  • Reading and understanding sources
    • "Is this a primary or secondary source?"
    • "Is this qualitative or quantitative research?"
  • Incorporating, paraphrasing, summarizing, and citing sources in a project for class
    • "How do I cite this in APA format?"
    • "Do I need to use paragraph numbers in my MLA citations?"
  • And much more!

Use the lists below to find your librarian.  To schedule a meeting, contact your librarian by email or fill out our Make a Research Appointment form.

If your librarian came to your class and you'd like to give feedback, fill out this form.

Find Your Librarian by Subject

To find your librarian by subject or major, use the table below:

Accounting Kelly Donovan
Applied Mathematics Elizabeth Fields
Art Joel Pace
Biochemistry Elizabeth Fields
Biological Sciences Elizabeth Fields
Biomedical Engineering Elizabeth Fields
Business Administration (Finance, International Business, Management) Kelly Donovan
Business Communication

Joel Pace

Chemistry Elizabeth Fields
Communication Studies Joel Pace
Computer Information Systems Kelly Donovan
Counseling and Human Services Joel Pace
Criminal Justice Kelly Donovan
Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics Kelly Donovan
Economics Kelly Donovan
Education Kelly Donovan
English Joel Pace
Environmental Science Elizabeth Fields
Fashion Design  Joel Pace
Fashion Merchandising Kelly Donovan
Film and Moving Image Joel Pace
Forensic Science Elizabeth Fields
Forensic Studies Kelly Donovan
French Elizabeth Fields
Geography Joel Pace
Graphic Design Joel Pace
Healthcare Management Elizabeth FieldsKelly Donovan
History Joel Pace
Information Systems Kelly Donovan
Interdisciplinary Studies Joel Pace
Legal Studies Kelly Donovan
Marketing Kelly Donovan
Mathematics Elizabeth Fields
Medical Laboratory Science Elizabeth Fields
Music Joel Pace
Nursing Elizabeth Fields
Philosophy Joel Pace
Photography Joel Pace
Physics Elizabeth Fields
Political Science Joel Pace
Psychology Joel Pace
Religion Joel Pace
Scholars Programs (Honors, Leadership, Service Learning) Elizabeth Fields
Sociology Joel Pace
Spanish Elizabeth Fields
SU Online  Elizabeth Fields
Theatre and Media Performance Joel Pace

Find Your Librarian by Name

To find your liaison librarian by name, use the lists below:

Kelly Donovan

Business Administration (Finance, International Business, Management)
Computer Information Systems
Criminal Justice
Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics

Fashion Merchandising
Forensic Studies
Healthcare Management
Information Systems
Legal Studies

Image of liaison librarian Elizabeth Fields


Elizabeth Fields

Applied Mathematics
Biological Sciences
Biomedical Engineering
Environmental Science
Forensic Science

Healthcare Management
Medical Laboratory Science
Scholars Programs (Honors, Leadership, Service Learning)
SU Online

Image of liaison librarian Joel Pace


Joel Pace

Business Communication
Communication Studies
Counseling & Human Services
Fashion Design
Film and Moving Image
Graphic Design
Interdisciplinary Studies
Political Science
Theatre and Media Performance