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Interlibrary Loan - FAQ: Home

Frequently Asked Questions for Interlibrary Loan Users

About Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) assists Stevenson University students, faculty, and staff in accessing resources that are not directly available within the SU Library or through databases.

ILL is a service that makes it possible to borrow books, articles and other materials from libraries in Maryland, the United States and even around the world.  In turn, SU loans items to other libraries for their patrons. 

This is a free service that is available only to currently enrolled students and currently employed faculty and staff of Stevenson University. 

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

    How Do I Get Started Using ILL?

  • Click here to login to your personal ILL account.  Once logged in, you can create, renew or keep track of your requests.

    When Will I Receive My ILL Request?

  • Generally, ILL requests about 4-8 days depending on the material requested.  Articles take less time, and books are mailed through the postal service.  Give yourself at least a week ahead of time if you are planning on using the service.

    What does the "Status" of my ILL request mean?

  • Unknown - Your request has been created and is awaiting processing.
  • Submitted - Your request has been processed, and we are now waiting to see if it can be filled.
  • In Transit - Your request has been filled by another library and it is on its way!
  • Received - You can now access the material.
  • Complete - The article is here, or the book has been returned to the lending library.

    What Web Browser Do You Recommend For ILL?

  • We recommend either Firefox or Chrome (latest version).

     What additional software is needed?

  • Adobe Reader and JavaScript need to be enabled.

    How do I resubmit a canceled ILL request?

  • You can always recreate any request in your account.

    Who do I contact if I have problems with or questions about ILL?

  • Feel free to contact the library staff via email or by phone 443-334-2218.

    Who Can Use ILL?

  • Interlibrary Loan be used by any currently-enrolled student or currently-employed faculty or staff member.  All users must have a valid SU login.

    How do I cancel an ILL request?

  • You can cancel any request when you login to your ILL account.  Just click on the correct request and you will see a prompt to cancel.  Additionally, you can ask the library to cancel it for you.

    What is Electronic Delivery (in ILL)?

  • Electronic Delivery is how you will receive articles.  Generally, the articles will be emailed to you with a link and a password to access it.  Be sure to download the article as soon as you receive it, because the link is only good for five views or 30 days, whichever comes first.

    How do I renew a checked-out interlibrary loan (ILL) book?

  • You can renew any request when you login to your ILL account.  Just click on the correct request and you will see a prompt to renew.  Additionally, you can ask the library to renew it for you.

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