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Open Educational Resources: Finding OER

Where do I go to look for OER?

Open educational resources are available in many places on the web.  This page includes several links to OER repositories, websites, and search engines.  Some sites host materials uploaded by people from different institutions; others contain OER materials developed for and are used at one specific institution.  In all cases, the materials are available for anyone to download and use.

Collections and Repositories

These sites have a mix of short materials (readings, articles, videos, single lessons, etc.) and longer works:

Search Engines and Tools

There are also search engines and tools dedicated to finding OER, which can be faster than searching through multiple repositories or websites:

Ready-to-Go Textbooks, Courses, and Activities

These sites offer full textbooks, videos, or even entire courses:

Further Resources

For more information or links to even more sites, try these guides from other libraries who are also interested in OER: