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Archives and Special Collections: Villager Archives

Villager Index of Article Titles 1987-1992

Date: December 21, 1987

Headlines: VJC students compete for academic kudos. , VJC throws a party. , Going to England -The Hard Way. , Aurelia’s Corner. , Finding Faulkner in Oxford . , New Biology Course to be offered at Villa JulieCollege . , Coming out of the closet. , And that’s the way it was in 1952. , Setting aside western beliefs. , VJC: Just look at us now. , Sr. Mary Ellen Goenner remmbers. , Holiday Party. , Grow with child’s world. , Attention Last minute shoppers. , Venture capitalist speaks at VJC. , I never learned how to say goodbye. , End of an era. , Stop the presses. , Alf’s funny, but. , Babies bound for Baltimore . , Winter wonderland. , S.A.M comes to VJC.

Date: March 24, 1988

Maryland’s capital. , The Greenhouse goes pink. , Sabatino’s satisfies. , Celebrate with ‘Sing.’ , When will the Rush dies? New diet tops pritikin. , All male review draws big crowd, All male review showcases talent. , Working creatively. , Surviving the summer. , Just one of the gals. , Women: Achieving equality in the work place? , Nurses battled to save lives. , Wilson ’s on the ball. , Goucher overcome VJC. , Integrating the ‘write’stuff. , Paralegals tell what they do.

Date: May 15, 1989

Headlines: Students volunteer time. , MCI’s McGowan to speak at commencement. , Take the Exxon Tiger out of your tank. , SGA Even Runs cold. , Are youths responsible? Can Age excuse violent crime? , Ming’s makes a meal. , Maryland draws film makers. , Don’t see say anything. , Vietnam : Solders tell the story. , Villa Julie bids farewell to 1989 graduates. , Saving the sunshine. , Guarino goes for the goal. , Weight Watchers, Nutri-System, Optifast: Clients describe their experience. , Senior studies successfully. , Keys for the college with ‘The name that opens door’ , First male and female athletes of the year selected. , Students match abilities with employer’s needs.

Date: September 29, 1989

Headlines: BWC uses VJC to explain ABCs of college. , ‘Life Triangle’ inspires others. , Control generic drug fraud. , Friends who use drugs: what can we do? , President Bush burns first amendment. , Flag burning-protected by the constitution? , Come linger in the lane. , Try Fiori’s good fare. , Rolling stones still rock. , See Parents’ view. , Stop and smell the roses. , Walker is not so familiar. Do it the Nautilus way. , What’s the summer scoop? , Teacher tells of sabbatical success. , Non-traditional student succeeds. , Spaniard to spend sabbatical at VJC. , SGA initiates FYI and FFO. , Ciotola advocates health and fitness. , City staff attends fair. , Two banks mergring in 1990. , Stretching your fashion $. , Play for a VJC team. , Phys. Ed. Goes for goals. , Legalize gambling to make $. , Eng-102 and Eng-150 merge. , How to survive the semester.

Headlines: Celebrate black history month. , Becoming aware of racial attitudes. , College prepares for Black History Week. , Heroes for all Americans…not just Black Americans. , MD State’s attorney Simms to speak.

Date: March 2, 1990

Headlines: NHS honors selective students for academic ability. , The happening is happening. , Going to college once a week. , 2nd annual auction benefits scholarship fund. , Is Barry a victim of harassment? , Grading the ‘education’ president. , Victims’ impact statements- admissible in court? , What’s the winter news? , Floyd favors environment. , NHS recognizes travel and tourism student. , Everybody can be a little Irish…on St. Patrick’s Day. , Try the new OPI Flip Side. , Visit a little bit of Ireland on Charles Street . , Exploring Irish symbols. , Irish poetry is a luck find. , Setting up that first apartment. , High auto rates storm city. , Notre Dame to engage in tennis match at VJC. , Douglass defeats Tyson fairly. , Internship program helps students find jobs. , SGA gets spring off to a good start. , Find out about The Happening. , Saturday classes start.

Date: April 26, 1990

Headlines: Some happenings activities continue. , Co-dependents can recover. , NEH grant gives faculty opportunities. , British actors perform Shakespeare on campus. , Student body favors honor code. , Bigotry hits home, everybody loses. , Parent’s vs artists’ rights-whose come first? , Grill offers Mexican flavor. , British do The Bard. , Experience Sinead O’Connor. , Ride a horse in the spring. , Novel portrays co-dependent. You can help save the earth. , Villa Julie College celebrates Earth Day through The Happening. , Rates on credit cards differ. , Credit cards create trouble. , Franklin lives lacrosse year-round. , Gottlieb scores five goals to power VJC over Wesley, 19-9. , SGA elects officers for 1990-91 academic year. , Thespians perform Shakespeare. , Americans offer their hospitality. , The Happening makes students aware. , Full-time staff expands.

Date: May 11, 1990

Headlines: Governor bids farewell to the Class of 1990. , Resources help co-dependents. , New staff and services expand library resources. , Poll illustrates co-dependency. , From the Left criticizes the right. , Does Mapplethorpe’s work deserve support? , Indulge in American Cuisine. , Grisly comedy falls short. , Local band progresses to ‘Broadway’. , Club cures weekend boredom and blues. , For Sheldon the mob rules. , Finding the meaning of life. , What’s the summer scoop? , Teaching classes and running a limo service. , Alumna follows road to stardom. , Work for a temporary agency. , First-time car buyers save $. , Surasky, Williams win in straight sets. , Lakers fined big $. , Newly elected SGA plans for fall. , Library provided increased support. , VJC graduates get jobs. , Spring Bash offers opportunity.

Date: August 30, 1990

Headlines: Seminar gets praise. , Second institute succeeds. , 2 Live Crew Not too vulgar…just too loud. , Donald Trump slumps. , Take a sun or ski vacation this winter. , What to do outside class.

Date: September 28, 1990

Headlines: Internship make the difference. , Scholarship to be ready in Fall 1991. , Employers seek VJC Graduates. , Artisits series expands music program. , Campus housing for Villa Julie. , Choose candidate for more than abortion stand. , Doctors’ vs patients’ rights Whose come first? , ,Try quick cuisine for lunch. , Ming’s pleases everyone. , Postcards worth admission. , Vaughan ’s talents make him a legend. , Day tripping in Parkville . , Energy of Ragtime engages. , Comediene shows courage. , Speech teacher makes Ju-Jitsu family affair. , Polish student adjusting to U.S. and college. , Music at center of pianist’s life. , Why gas prices are rising. , Balance your budget. , Men’s soccer team debus this fall. , Loss of bowls hurts football. , Leadership conference prepares SGA. , Foreign students find VJC. , ‘Envision Success’ reaches goals.

Date: November 2, 1990

Headlines: Talks focus on current social issues. , Students present papers at national conference. , College drug and alcohol policy publicized. , Reporters respond to discrimination assignment. , Should overweight persons be entitled to minority status? , Score lunch at sports bar. , Script, acting and directions make Glory a must-see video. , L.A. Punk Band fractures horror to desire. , Running releases stress. , Suburban dreams shattered. , Depression poses problem. , Whats the scoop? , Head court reporter changes teaching methods. , After 30-year career, students to earn degree. , Depression sometimes a problem for young adults. , East Germany pays price. , Shop smart for tire replacements. , Trainer makes difference at VJC. , Fan support lousy at VJC. , SGA plans November events in bonfire. , Students react to issue raised at All-College meeting.

Date: November 30, 1990

Headlines: English grading standards sparks student controversy. , Campus to have new building. , Students suffer parking perils. , Movie rating system changes for the worse. , Genetics or childbearing – what makes a better parent? , Denny’s does more than food. , Dine with pros at the club. , ‘Rocky’ saga ends without a bang. , Baltimore rapper on brink of stardom. , Have fun, learn at science center. , Bombs affect many lives. , Discover Dickinson again. , What’s for Thanksgiving? , Art instructor does much more than teach art. , Meet only resident student on commuter campus. , Depression can changes person’s usual habits. , Everyone needs insurance. , Buying fashionable holiday outfits. , Goalie make tournament. , Sports teams finish season. , Dodgers’ Strawberry worth $20 mil. , Admissions representatives do PR. , Men lead sophomore class. , Administration identifies problems with dormitories. , Students Participate in Energy Diet.

Date: December 14, 1990 (2 issues)

Headlines: Clubs give to charity. , Spanish professor celebrates strength in ethnic diversity. , Acting and directing students work on dramatic scenes. , Students voice views on depression. , When a doctor has Aids- should patients know? , Relax and enjoy Parlay café. , Try savory Indian cuisine. , Sequel has charm and fun of ‘Three men and a Baby.’ , Retro-rock band Jellyfish stuck in 60’s. , Special events make Hanukah joyous occasion. , Atwood has created classic. , Marquez hero reflects on life. , Get great last-minute gifts. , Bagli calls Baltimore home. , NFL should get rid of Manley. , SGA plans spring activities. , Dress for less.

Date: January 25, 1991

Headlines: February honors accomplishments of Black Americans. , Lawyer practices what she preaches. , Heroes for all Americans…not just for Black Americans. , Celebrate Black History .

Date: March 1, 1991

Headlines: College to curb smoking. , New inductees make grade and Honor Society. , The war has touched those who wait. , Desert Storm invades student life. , Democratic Party sells out on the war issue. , Minority quotas in the workplace-protection or reverse prejudice? , Go for fun but no for food. , Try Patrick’s on St. Pat’s Day. , Bacon, Perkins sparkle. , The Pogues rev up traditional Irish music. , Find a tourist’s wonderland at new Aquarium. , Discover new Irish talent. , Discover the genius in Joyce. , Following through on resolutions. , Alumni director designs successful art auction. , Liberal Arts major finds job behind the scenes. , Following through on resolutions. , Librarian makes Irish music. , World champs not champs of world. , N.Y. Giants staffer of 36 years analyzes team’s success. , Honors program challenges college’s top students. Ocean city retreat succeeds. , The Happening will focus on the Middle East .

Date: March 22, 1991

Headlines: Professionals speak to class. , College joins Japan exchange. , No smoking policy gains support. , Black History Month gives needed education. , Women serving in combat zones-should they have the choice? , Get good food at good prices. , Go for great Greek cuisine. , See Silence for electrifying performances and suspense. , After successful tour abroad, pup band soon to debut in U.S. Visit Greek town for a taste of the old ethnic culture. , Poetry reveals man and myth. , Bo Jackson makes good read. , What’s new in the news for spring? , Set designer shows many talents. , Students brings black culture. ,Despite intense education efforts, AIDS continues to devastate. , Boost morale and room’s look economically. , Old champs try to make it again. , Clubs and classes gear up for Spring. , Paralegal program continues to grow.

Date: April 26, 1991

Headlines: Campus celebrates first Homecoming. , Business leaders make up Delta Board. , Alumni Council enriches College and community. , Police brutality stirs controversy. , Communication majors work as hard as everyone else. , Is man who had relations with victim of multiple personalities guilty of rape? , Antique décor enhances meal. , Make a run for Taco Bell. , College production does justice to Williams ‘Glass Menagerie.’ , Bunneymen keep signature on progressive trademark style. , Exotic wildlife is thriving at The Baltimore Zoo. , Ellis misses mark on Psycho. , Marines uphold rich tradition. , The Middle East comes alive at ‘The Happening.’, How to avoid the pitfalls of buying a used car. , Club lax team scores goal. , Sox pay for no play. , Student attends symposium. , The freshmen lead with class. , Art department initiates juried shows for gallery.

Date: May 10, 1991 (2 issues)

Headlines: La Salle president to speak. , Learning facts, not fictions, about AIDS. , College attracts new officer. , Drama teacher to instruct in Spain . , Students report views on ecology. , Political predications may or may not work out. , Personal police rights. , Uno’s might be numero uno. , Happy days are here again. , Enjoy A Kiss Before Dying. , Morrissey inspires with second album, Kill Uncle. , Bengie’s classic drive-in offers 50’s nostalgia, current movies. , Letters delve into personal life. , Learn how to deal with AIDS. , Create summer fashion flair with new and old items. , SGA ends semester with “Blowout.’ Child’s World provides full-time day care. , Curriculum to expand in fall.

Date: September 27, 1991

Headlines: BIS major interns on Capitol Hill. , Nursing attracts numbers. , College to honor Higher Education Week. , Students disapprove of Thomas. , Clarence Thomas deserves confirmation. , Confirmation proceeding for the High Court should reveal candidates’ views. , Take a trip to Central Asia . , Try Serpent’s tooth for good read. , Dead Again jolts and thrills adult audience. , No doubt, Doubt rocks. , Teams kicks off ’91. , Jimbo’s back. , Who’s news. , A teacher who paints, A painter who teaches. , SGA welcomes College Republicans. , Area corporations to recruit seniors.

Date: November 1, 1991

Headlines: Expansion plans spark controversy. , Students accept smoking policy. , Course helps new students to connect with college. , Colleg suddenly loses devoted librarian. , Smoke-free campus draws support. , Employers should do background checks. , Doctors with AIDS and their patients-whose rights come first? , Sarandos serves the best. , Final Exit shows the way out. , Deceived deceives. , Celebrate Ceremony. , Goalie does it all. , Goodbye 33rd. , Paralegals put focus on violence. , Who’s making news on campus. , SGA elects first public relations secretary. , Competition to unveil potential new artists. , The Skin of our Teeth returns.

Date: November 22, 1991

Headlines: Spectrum showcases student writing. , Musicians bring alive the classics. , Students take stand on suicide. , Condom commercials deserve air-time. , Cutting funds for schools—who pay the price? , Velleggia for fine dining. , Letterman’s lists for laughs. , Wilder play charms audience. , Mariah Carey album stirs Emotions. , Tragic Magic’s smile remains. , Sharp-shooter aims for success. , Who’s making news on campus. , SGA Christmas dance to kick off holidays. , Soup kitchen feeds the hungry.

Date: December 13, 1991

Headlines: Middle States Association gives college thumbs up or down. , Kwanzaa: Honoring the other holiday. , Fake ID’s present ongoing problem. , Have fake I.D., will drink in bars. , Find love, joy and peace this holiday. , Garden Café has holiday mood. , Short stories with Christmas spirit. , Achtung Baby falls short. , Midler’s magnificent. , Good as gold. , Hockey fields rough season. , Creating a clean place to learn. , Campus clips. , Join Courtwatch program. , Families bond at school. , Holiday gift ideas for less.

Date: October 2, 1992

Headlines: Many new courses enrich offerings. , Zoning hearings yield both good and bad news. , Students raise tuition money for this semester. , Election hopefuls flaunt family values. , Extend registration at least one day. , Vandalism mars campus. , Find football, food and fun. , History comes alive in diary. , Cage overdoes, but not too much. , New coach’s style gives men’s soccer needed kick. , Computer whiz helps users. , SGA holds first meeting of semester. , Workshop supports students. , Pugwash comes to campus.

Date: October 30, 1992

Headlines: Upperclassmen help with freshman. , Workshops will focus on law, the elderly. , Majors now offer practical experience. , Take a sie, take a stand. , Clinton comes out on top in poll. , Bush possesses invaluable experience. , Smart drinks replace alcohol. , Gampy’s gets gold star. , Wonder transforms human beings. , Thespians take on Night of the Iguana. , Orioles take good with bad in 1992. , Who’s in the news. , Old Child’s World Changing into The New Exchange. , Student Government plans coming events. , Career services hires director. , Actor shares talent.

Date: November 20, 1992

Headlines: Classmates bridge the generation gap. , People can cope with stress. , Helping the hungry. , Poll shows students against spanking. , Procrastinators can hurt others. , use caution when driving. , BOP is Baltimore ’s best. , New times call for new taste. , Giving in to sin. , Charm City ’s got the “Spirit.” , Bowe become new champ. , Serving with a smile. , Who’s in the news. , SGA plans events. , Operatin system creates challenges for students. , Expanded resources benefit the library.

Villager Index of Articles 1996-2002

Date: April 26, 1996

Headlines: Masters program to begin at VJC. , Nursing grads to receive pins. , Wilderness Club ties ropes course to leadership skills. , SuperConference attracts service corps. , Does underage drinking need tighter regulation? , Fear: enough to scare anyone away. , Men’s lacrosse eyes winning season. , Tennis teams praised for season’s improvement. , VJC women’s lax faces Frostburg, Shenandoah.

Date: April 9, 1997

Headlines: Senior video majors complete documentaries. , VJ students participate in TSU conference. , Student-Athlete Advisory Board formed to address concerns. , “Spanky” wins VJC’s All-Male Revue. , Does Villa Julie need an All-Male Revue? , Regular check-ups prescribed to stop breast cancer. , NSNA continues to work through busy semester. , Fall semester registration to begin. , Virginia Tanner and concerned students rescue mailboxes. , VJC students display school spirit through volunteering. , Pilates exercise philosophy offers body and mind workout. , 3 coaches join VJC sports program. , Passover observes ancient events. , Unique gifts solve Mother’s Day dilemmas. , Sunset Restaurant and Lounge: fine food and romantic dining. , Lacrosse teams here endure rugged play. , VJC golfers drive toward victory.

Date: November 8, 2000

Headlines: Kevin Manning inaugurated as VJC’s fourth president. , Festivities for inauguration invoke school spirit. , Inauguration ends week-long festivities. , Junior class leader organize to build school spirit. , Acupuncture: an alternative to traditional medicine. , Growing psychology club promotes hands-on experience. , Nursing honor society arrives at VJC. , Talented VJC teacher brings graphic design experience to the classroom. , Women’s soccer become first-ever VJC team to take NCAA tournament. , Field hockey finishes with successful season. , Cross country will compete in next NCAA regional meet. , Women’s basketball will work toward .500 record. , Men’s basketball strengthens schedule. , Contemporary play opens window to characters’ soul.

Date: December 6, 2000

Headlines: VJC students join local colleges for poetry reading. , Science majors begin research, gain experience. , Filmmaker to bring The Connection to the big screen. , Does the US need the Electoral College? , Graduating senior recalls fond memories of VJC. , VJC’s music department has high hopes. , Senior science projects begin. , Aromatherapy: scents for healing. , Indoor track team triples in numbers and will participate in new events this season. , Women’s basketball to face tough competition. , Men’s basketball beats rival Western Maryland College . , Men’s soccer stepped up this season. , Students are getting involved in athletic activities. , Student leaders participate in “Road Map to the Future.” ; Participant enthusiasm expected at Ocean City leadership conference.

Date: February 7, 2001

Headlines: First January graduation begins tradition; 73 grads honored. , New masters’ degree programs offered. , website upgraded in “For Students” link. , Should pit bulls be outlawed in Baltimore ? ; First-ever faculty-student debate to be held in Exchange. , Villa Julie students thrive in ROTC program. , Hectic lifestyles hinder good sleep habits. , Faculty secretaries organize VJC staff and students. , Deadly underage drinking plagues college campuses across the nation. , Men’s basketball shows improvement through season. , Successful season ahead for growing track team. , Mustangs preserves during rocky season.

Date: February 21, 2001 (3 issues)

Headlines: President Manning sets goals for spring semester 2001. , Low enrollment in classes results in cancellation and rescheduling. , Should Napster be shut down? , VJC student visiting from Turkey enjoys America and college life. , New Year’s weight-loss goals resolved. , New class offers insight into Baltimore history and heritage. , Court reporting program provided opportunities. , Senior director anticipates opening of Never Swim Alone. , Women’s basketball played strong through tough season. , Strong offense improves men’s final record. , Expanded track team ends successful year. , Increase in Villa Julie application will not affect class size in fall. , Local bands to perform at AIDS benefit.

Date: March 7, 2001 (2 issues)

Headlines: College meeting examines plan. , Villager vanishes off news stand. , Cheerleaders get first place at competition. , Scholarship hours offer flexibility. , Should elderly prisoners be released from prison? , JJ’s Everyday Café has good food, good prices, questionable service. , VJC student leaders meet to improve on-campus involvement. , Media controls image of “perfect person.” , Gallery mounts “Baltimore Collect.” , VJC staff member helps students plan for graduation. , Students on The Villager staff deliver the news. , Mustangs start season with goal toward regional playoffs. , Tough season looms for spirited softball team. , Optimistic lax team begin spring season. , Improvement ahead for this year’s tennis teams. , Last-minute affordable spring break trips available for students.

Date: March 28, 2001 (4 issues)

Headlines: Education professor and students investigate tutoring practices. , VJC faculty member receive awards. , Area CEO’s Read Across America . , Students attend RUF Mid-Atlantic Conference. , Should juveniles be tried as adults for violent crimes? , VJC ROTC students experience reality in army training program. , American Bar Association visits Villa Julie for paralegal re-approval. , Online weight-loss program challenges Jenny Craig. , Senior research project educate and challenges business students. , VJC students found on-campus employment. , Tough competitors challenge tennis early in season. , Softball team takes off for Florida . , Early wins set pace for lacrosse team. , Men’s volleyball heads toward third winning season. , Confident baseball team looks past current losses. , Plumbing and rodent problems frustrate Wooded Way residents. , Interest in interdisciplinary major increases.

Date: April 11, 2001 (3 issues)

Headlines: Spring production, Blood Wedding, appeals to all audience. , ASB allows students to volunteer and sightsee. , Honors symposium features local student work. , Does the first amendment protect the Nuremburg files? , April is time to learn how to avoid “date rape.” , STD’s are silent threats for sexually active individuals. , Villa Julie hosts a week of activities in commemoration of the Holocaust. , Optimism for winning record prevails on women’s lacrosse team. , Improvement leads softball to success. , Tennis teams continue tough season. , Runners battle cold, wet weather opener. , Men’s lacrosse going strong with 5-2 record. , VJC student runs to raise funds for Leukemia. , Florida trip encourages baseball team. , New PC and MAC computers due fall 2001.

Date: April 25, 2001 (2 issues)

Headlines: VJC represented at technology conference. , Students contend in worldwide competition for math modeling. , Meeting between President Manning and students addresses Wooded Way issues. , Should colleges require SAT scores? , May commencement brings excitement to graduate. , Chlamydia trachomatis is painful but treatable and curable disease. , Paper Moon Diner offers delicious food and comfortable atmosphere. , Roadside hazards threaten drivers’ safety. , Men’s lax team, ranked 25 in D-III, makes Villa Julie history. , Lack of players causes losing volleyball season. , Tennis teams surpass last year’s records. , Hard work proves vital for women’s lax. , Runners battle weather throughout season. , College website broadens students’ perspectives. , VJC’s May Day festivities look promising. , Men and women’s tennis hopes to end strong.

Date: May 9, 2001

Headlines: Mayor Martin O’Malley to speak at VJC graduation. , VJC graphic designers enter summer exhibit. , New structuring of majors ensures quality education; administration focuses on divisional re-orderings; Should high schools provide condoms for teens? , Seniors say farewell to Villa Julie. , Easily contracted STD prominent in Baltimore . , Literature students experience Civil War times. , Maryland sports give fans reason to cheer. , VJC sports have an impressive year. , Baseball team does what it takes to move past .500 season and finish strong. , Tennis team faced tough opposition. , Women end lax season. , VJC runners make significant progress; break personal record at Towson U meet. , VJC senior art majors exhibit portfolio work in Gallery. , VJC mourns the loss of a long-time professor.

Date: September 12, 2001

Headlines: VJC considers relocating student housing to The Colony. , Summer construction alters campus. , New themeline places focus on career goals. , Should stem cell research on living embryos be allowed? , Cone collection illuminates the Baltimore Museum of Art. , Local Chinese restaurant remains community favorite. , VJC theatre to showcase classical British and Russian plays. , New additions to VJC faculty and staff. , Information systems offers its majors choices of careers. , Local artists to showcase exhibits in VJC gallery. , Red light violators now caught on camera. , Villa Julies students take part in “Fish out of Water” fundraiser. , Humanities students develop Traces Left addition to VJC website. , PASS program kicks off another successful fall semester. , Binge drinking: deadly college danger. , Disney trip helps to strengthen college. , Screening offers assistance to those dealing with depression. , Meningitis poses threat for students.

Date: September 26, 2001 (2 issues)

Headlines: 521 incoming students maintain high standards of the college. , VJC modifies website for easier navigation. , Should VJC ban smoking on campus? , The coliseum offers a variety of food and entertainment. , Maryland Renaissance Festival captivates and entertains visitors. , New ID system to provide more services across campus. , Medical technology offers clinical skills. , What to consider when choosing a graduate school. , New Quicklink pen helps improve study techniques. , VJC clubs unite students. , Resident directors and assistants maintain order at Wooded Way . , Electronic-commerce master’s degree added to VJC graduate school program. , Professor at VJC produces second African-American CD. , Stress affects college students. , Women’s soccer struggles with tough schedule; needs team unity. , Both tennis teams start their seasons off with winning records. , Volleyball team faces challenges early in season. , VJC’s academic advisors provide students with services to aid them in course selection. , Men’s and women’s cross country gain experience and confidence. , Field hockey team forms a successful unit. , Men’s soccer faces tough opponents.

Date: October 10, 2001 (2 issues)

Headlines: Journalist Dudley Clendinen to share experiences with VJC community. , All-college meeting focuses on “Career Architecture.” , What should the US response be regarding terrorist attacks? , Rock band Ozma attracts fans from around the world. , College students with unhealthy lifestyles creep toward obesity. , VJC students walk to fund research for Juvenile Diabetes. , Alumni take to the phones for Annual Fund. , Wilderness Club canoes the Susquehanna. , Versatile major offers writing, art, business skills. , VJC maintains its own wastewater treatment system. , Freshman to have award-winning poem published. , Art professor’s fascination with Rome influences her studies. , Spectrum presses on under the direction of new advisor and student editor. , Baltimore author finds new venue for writing aboard Global Link. , Villa Julie students volunteer to be partners for Special Olympics. , Intramural sports and activities get students involved on campus. , Men’s soccer team raises standards through tough schedule. , Women’s volleyball determined to succeed. Women’s soccer hopes for improvement. , Cross country team prepares for victory in Goucher College Invitational. , Homecoming provides alumni opportunity to reconnect with VJC. , Haunted Trail promises Halloween thrills.

Date: October 24, 2001 (2 issues)

Headlines: VJC senior to teach desert survival to Air Force pilots in Kuwait . , Service Corps contributes to community improvement. , Does TV violence negatively affect children? , Timonium restaurant and pub celebrate Irish culture. , Body piercing trend bears its mark. , Career Architecture encourages students to plan their future. , BSU Latin dance draws big crowd. , VJC alum recognized for charity efforts. , Family studies major prepares students for social services. , Department chair to participate in education training classes. , VJC offers health awareness seminars on campus. , Villa Julie College’s small size attracts international students. , South Africa native fins opportunities in the United States . , Chili cook-off welcomes tasters and contestants. , Psychology professor encourages students to explore career options. , New clubs spring up on campus. , Tips on flying the American Flag. , College changes grading policy, allowing credit for all D’s earned.

Date: November 7, 2001 (2 issues)

Headlines: VJC ranked in second tier of America ’s Best Colleges 2002. , Sun columnist speaks to students about sports writing. , Should Villa Julie change it registration process? , Broadway’s The Pajama Game opens at Center Stage. , Fondue restaurant serves up fun. , VJC nursing students welcome 11-year-old muscular dystrophy patient to speak on campus. , Engraved bricks support VJC fund and add to campus beauty. , VJC nursing majors are prepared to enter targeted career field. , Music program enhances liberal arts education. , College to participate in Operation Christmas Child. , Jill’s Way takes the stage at VJC. , Student band achieves greater recognition with the release of their new CD, Currency. , Senior preserves through struggles to graduate in May 2002. , “Big Apple” still offers much. , Russian play slated for theatre. , Soccer teams close out disappointing season. , Men’s basketball anticipates new year. , Volleyball’s young squad looks toward future. , Women’s basketball focuses on improving defense. , Men’s lacrosse prepares for spring schedule. , Cross country season ends with success.

Date: November 20, 2001 (2 issues)

Headlines: Cafeteria food prices average among colleges. , Education department seeks NCATE stamp. , VJC professor on leave of absence from his teaching and directing responsibilities. , Should VJC students have to pay a fee for overloading credits? , Local restaurants invite patrons for Thanksgiving dinner. , Journalism students attend Network 2000 conference. , Villa Julie reviews curriculum to extend students opportunities. , Mustang Café implements debit card system. , Home-schooled student attends VJC. , English majors can enter various fields after graduation. , Faculty, staff members run Baltimore Marathon. , Villa Julie senior marries before husband leaves for war. , Course features trip to American southwest. VJC graduate returns to college to exhibit “quilt” artwork. , Graduates continue to work at college. , Buying books made easier. , VJC’s book fair raises money. , Successful open houses attract students. , Men’s basketball anticipates successful season. , Indoor track teams stronger this season. , Women’s basketball foresees tough competition. , Villager staff sponsors first Chili Cook-off. , Online video interviews promote majors.

Date: December 5, 2001 (2 issues)

Headlines: Demolition begins at Wooded Way . , Park school constructing athletic fields and cultural center behind VJC campus. , Alumni work at VJC after graduation. , Should couples live together before marriage? , Abingdon restaurant serves great food in a relaxed, family environment. , Talented local band amazes audiences. , Gallery exhibit showcase Irish cultural themes. , New club encourage further diversity. , VJC leaders attend ACUI conference in preparation for Ocean City retreat. , Visual Communication Design major leads to new goals. , Theatre’s technical director assists with productions. , Wooded way hosts many events during fall semester. , VJC sorority celebrates sisterhood on Founder’s Day. , Cheating problematic in colleges. , Student Athlete Advisory Committee organizes events and sports teams’ banquet. , Women’s basketball team in early season with record of 3-1. , Indoor track anticipates promising season. , Men’s basketball creates chemistry for success. , Caving trip provides various challenges for both students and faculty.

Date: February 13, 2002 (2 issues)

Headlines: Graduation exercises to be separated. , Winter commencement observed. , Pins given in nursing ceremony. , Should teens have driving curfews? , Fovea creates original local sound. , Richard Cleaver’s Dream Sequence is a multi-faceted jewel. , Nurse Paralegal program celebrates graduation. , Villa Julie donates computers to the Woodbourne School . , Music composed exclusively for VJC is performed at NYC’s Carnegie Hall. , Blue footprints in Exchange remain from Child’s World. , Interdisciplinary studies give students academic freedom. , New name, new look: academic support helps students succeed. . Leadership retreat enables students to learn organizational skills. , VJC to update crisis management plan. , Last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts. , Men’s basketball record slips as season draws to a close. , Women’s basketball team struggles through a tough season. , Cheer and dance squads are successful. , Indoor track members hope for ECAC bid. , Men’s basketball record slips as season draws to a close. , Addition of Web Advisor keeps VJC on cutting edge of technology.

Date: March 13, 2002 (2 issues)

Headlines: Online bookstore makes woes of waiting in lines a thing of the past. , Counterfeit bills show up on campus. , All- college meeting stresses equality, diversity. , Should cell phones use by drivers be illegal? , The Kent serves up gourmet food in a neighborly atmosphere. , “Crossing the Line” illustrates diversity during all-college meeting. , Clubs on campus plan new activities for the spring semester. , Animal lovers find a new home at VJ. , Liberal Arts and Tech provides outlet for creativity. , VJC celebrates Black History Month with jazz and poetry. , Phi Sigma Sigma ends spring recruitment with Deb Ball. , Money worries are put to ease with help from financial aid. , Chemistry society has dinner meeting in VJC Pavilion. , College security force serves and protects students and faculty. , Softball team has high hopes for successful season. , Men’s volleyball is off to a winning start. , Women’s lax hopes to improve record. , Men’s lacrosse has young but determined players raring to win. , Meadowood Park brings additional recreational facilities to central Baltimore County .

Date: April 3, 2002

Headlines: Author/ journalist to visit college, discusses travel experiences. , Graduation ceremony finally set, majors to be split between times. , The Internet: Enemy or Savior? , Documentary highlights struggles of immigrant women. , Time Machine, Resident Evil, and Ice Age entertain moviegoers with high-action plots. , Thefts and break-ins at Wooded Way lead to outsider’s arrest. , Junior class to hold Spring Formal at Hunt Valley Marriot. , Young entrepreneur finds VJC good preparation for the business world. , 72 cats, including Poncho, benefit from the work of real-life “animal angels.” , Visual communications major runs her own clothing business. , VJC holds art competition for prospective high school students. , College appoints new department chair. , Team captain leads by actions. , Career HQ director receives distinguished state honor. , Men’s baseball team is determined to improve record of 3-6. , Tennis team head south to play spring break matches. , Women’s lacrosse looks to improve. , Men’s lax continues their winning ways. , Track team plans on running to success in their upcoming meets. , Meeting concerning students housing highlights amenities available for residents next fall. , Early summer registration offers reduced fees; tuition to be lower than local public universities.

Date: April 17, 2002

Headlines: Students travel to Boston for break. , Insanity to be topic of spring production. , Villa Julie to take part in two spring events around the area. , Should high school students be subjected to random drug testing? , Better Than Ezra tours to promote latest album. , Hindu decision to rebuild temple escalates Muslim conflict. , Online application help hopeful students as well as VJ faculty. , Field hockey players selected for national Academic Squad. , Education programs prepare students for classroom. , Baltimore artist convey personal emotions in VJC exhibit. , VJC increases Islam awareness following September 11 tragedy. , May events planned to end semester. , Theatre professor shares experiences with students. , Fall pre-registration assisted by Web Advisor. , Baseball team hopes hitting will bring strong end to season. , Track team improves individual times. , Men’s and women’s tennis teams defeat tough competition. , Men’s volleyball improves record to 10-6. , Softball struggles through season. , New head coach contributes to golf tams early success in seasonal tournaments.

Date: May 1, 2002 (2 issues)

Headlines: Final ceremonies planned for May. , Community relations interest VP Young. , Are final exams necessary? , Graduating students reflect on their experiences at VJC. , Arts and Humanities installation focuses on life at VJC. , Local community offers housing opportunities for students. , Orientation updated to help freshman; June days targeted. , Men’s lacrosse is successful in Pennsylvania Athletic Conference. , Softball team closes spring campaign. , Golf team finishes season with their first win of the year. , Men’s volleyball ends season strong. , Summer sports camps bring college visibility, good community relations. , VJ athlete attributes her success in life to basketball and determination. , History professor selected to attend seminar.

Date: May 1, 2002 ( 3 issues)

Headlines: Verizon grant to fund portfolio, science initiatives for freshman class. , Design students visit Philadelphia . , Tattoos: Are they worth the risk? , Speakeasy saloon offers diverse cuisine and jazzy 1920 atmosphere. , Novice and veteran comedians entertain at Tootsies. , Local bands perform at Spring Band Fest. , Multicultural Day activities offer students a taste of ethnic variety. , President’s Open Door Policy allows students to voice academic concerns and questions. , Paralegal program improves offering to comply with ABA . , Students learn valuable lessons about dangers of substance abuse. , Students discuss literature internationally through technology. , Art exhibit celebrate senior talent. , Evening advisors bring experience and enthusiasm to campus. , Men’s and women’s tennis teams try to raise levels of competition. , Men’s lax finished season in PAC. , Baseball team is determined to reach goal of 20-win season. , Track and field finished strong. , Softball optimistic for Spring 2003. , Women’s lax ends up with 7-8 record. , Awards banquet honors VJC athletes. , Annual nursing conference provided opportunities for students, faculty to network

Date: September 11, 2002 (2 issues)

Headlines: New vice president and academic dean assumes office. , Ethics and honesty highlighted in policy. , First annual Convocation a success. , Has the country improved since September 11? , Star Wars and Lord of the Rings trilogies earn acclaim at box office. , Towne Hall Restaurant offers great food and service in the heart of Greenspring. , VJC welcomes part-time and full-time faculty this fall. , Residence director takes over at The Colony. , Stevenson farm provided fun for locals. , Freshman Orientation adventures lead to new friendships, memories. , Art gallery and theatre showcase local talent in fall schedule. , Interest in college archives spurs project. , Collegetown Network unites VJC and Maryland colleges. , Student participates in archaeological dig. , PASS program encourages students to academic success. , New women’s soccer coach kicks off season on the right foot. , track coach switches to X-country. , Golf team faces extended season. , Husband and wife coaches prepare women’s volleyball team for a successful season. , Men’s soccer team works hard to reach goals. , Field hockey looks forward to tough competition. , Tennis team has high expectations this year. , Students leaders take charge in Freshman Seminar.

Date: September 25, 2002

Headlines: Religion professor dead at 53; faculty, staff and students mourn his passing. , Political journalist shares experiences with VJC. , Peace pole dedication and 9/11 remembrance ceremony unite campus. , Should September 11 be declared a national holiday? , Baltimore author “grows up” and scores another bestselling novel. , “Mindless” motif absent in fall films. , College cultural program schedules many trips during fall semester. , New deans help develop graduate program. , New Chamber orchestra ensemble forms. , English major studies abroad at Lancaster University , England . , Student enjoys summer studies opportunity in Italy . , College’s library staff strives to help students. , Sabbaticals provide professors with enrichment and time off. , Two VJC students visit Turkey over summer vacation. , Cross country team runs toward goals for improvement. , Golf coach swings for success. , Women’s soccer balances sports service with improving efforts on the field. , Women’s volleyball adds strength, players. , Field hockey depends on juniors for leadership. , Information systems updates technology for future. , Career Architecture concepts aids in development of student careers.

Date: October 9, 2002 (2 issues)

Headlines: Guest speaker inspires students at college meeting. , Renowned journalist to speak on current issues. , VillaFest activities to provide a weekend of excitement for all. , Should the United States go to war with Iraq ? , College plays pose great alternative to Saturday night routines. , Popular and local bands perform in Baltimore area. , Controversial play staged in Brown Box theatre this fall. , Changes in VJC online technology help students, faculty access services, schedule appointments. , Student body gears up for chili cook-off. , Nationally-known hypnotist to visit VJC. , Religion professor pursues theatrical calling. , Successful alum enjoys teaching. , Freshman honored in career reception. , Service Corps kicks off seventh year of service. , Graphic design project chosen as magazine cover. , Depression affects one-fifth of Americans; help is available. , College counselor helps students cope with depression. , Fitness center renovated, wellness program may follow. , Injuries plague men’s soccer team. , Volleyball team benefits from expanded roster; players respond to challenges. , Women’s soccer team focuses on practice. , Young hockey squad hopes to achieve .500. , Cheerleading squad prepares routines for upcoming competitions. , Diversity committee promotes knowledge, recognition, and action.

Date: October 23, 2002 (6 issues)

Headlines: VJC recognized as a best value in education. , C-SPAN VP to speak here October 29. , Plans continue for “new and improved” off-campus housing. , What is the responsibility of the media? , Folk singer spices up old songs in new 20-track album. , Harbor restaurant “lights” up the city. , Phi Sigma Sigma sorority looks forward to upcoming activities. , January term offers more course variety. , Psi Omicron plans education events. , VJC campus security helps students, staff with variety of services. , Disabilities Act addresses needs. , Increases in student population offer advantages in diversity, participation. , Wilderness Society invites students to experience the outdoors. , Gaming Club offers members weekend fun. , Spectrum magazine showcases literary and artistic talents of students and faculty. , Part-time instructors teach and maintain professional careers. , Students save money at resale- clothing store. , Intramural sports program offers students outlet for fun. , Tennis teams look to regroup for spring season. , Men’s soccer drops close matches to Virginia teams; beats local rival Goucher. , Volleyball team works hard despite injuries. , Women’s soccer team looks to improve their record to over .500.

Date: November 6, 2002 (2 issues)

Headlines: Council convenes to monitor faculty interests. , SFA board continues to make positive changes for VJC. , Music programs enrich cultural life here. , Should religion be a college requirement? , Students enjoy foreign cuisines in the heart of Baltimore City . , Latin Dance Night is successful. , BSU plans more events for 2002-03. , Phi Sigma Sigma to celebrate its 10-year anniversary. , New Activities Director arrives on campus. , VillaFest celebration bring students and alumni together. , History Society sponsors visits to battle site in western Maryland . , Two freshman play reversed role in athletics. , Accounting professor published article on business ethics. , Psychology club to become active in campus activities. , Popular alumni games highlight homecoming activities. , Mustang mascot meets madness. , Men’s basketball team works hard and looks ahead to promising season. , Women’s basketball to open season with optimism and enthusiasm. , Field hockey ends season with 5-1 rout of Goucher. , Accounting Association impresses firms with successful fair and students. , despite low rankings, golf has high hopes. , Men’s soccer ends 2—2 season at 2-13-2.

Date: November 20, 2002 (2 issues)

Headlines: Opportunities to assist less fortunate neighbors at Thanksgiving are abundant in Baltimore . , Trip to New York City open to all. , VJC to participate in smoking awareness day. , Should slot machines be allowed? , Award-winning playwright, Tony Kushner, brings Kabul to stage. , 8 Mile bounces high in Hollywood . , Inscape serves up The Dining Room. , VJC honors the Bambino’s legacy with traveling exhibit. , Senior research projects showcase work by science students. , Information and awareness help prevent spread of STDs. ; Business communications major launches the Villager Online for senior project. , Noir artwork open to interpretation. , VJC professor stresses learning. , Interracial dating is growing trend among college students. , Women’s basketball players eager to get started. , Men’s basketball squad hopes for victorious season with strong freshman class. , Cheerleading and dance teams look to expand. , Indoor track runners use parking lot for practice. , Students take on leadership roles as Resident Assistants at the Colony.

Date: December 11, 2002 (2 issues)

Headlines: JC prepares for mid-year commencement 100 students to participate in ceremony. , Consultant hired to address usage of campus space. , Do minors need parental consent for abortion? , Reading proves an excellent pastime during January break. , Student find Christmas spirit within. , February symposium focuses on community. , VJC plans for weather-related school closings. , Village staff offers wide range of holiday gift ideas that are both economical and representative of the true meaning of the season. , Court Reporting program changes name and structure in 2003. , Last-minute scholarship hours available for procrastinators. , Recipe for the holidays brings fun to family baking. , Dual-sport athletes balance study and practice time year-round. , Men’s basketball team plans to take season “one game at a time.” ; Indoor track faces competition with confidence. , Women’s basketball squad begin year with difficult schedule. , Visual communications design majors present portfolio for evaluation.