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Citing Sources: NoodleTools

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About NoodleTools

NoodleTools is an online citation management tool.  Students, faculty, and staff at Stevenson University are able to create a free account as part of our subscription.

NoodleTools can store information about the sources you're using and generate reference lists and citations in APA, MLA, and Chicago format.  It can also integrate with Google Docs.

When accessing NoodleTools, make sure go there from the library homepage or a new tab or window in your browser.


NoodleTools is easy to set up and access.

Quick Setup Instructions

  1. Visit the NoodleTools homepage and register for an account.  You can use your SU username and password, but keep in mind that this account will be separate from your regular SU single sign-on.
  2. From your Projects page, create a new project.  Choose your citation style (MLA, APA, or Chicago/Turabian).  For Citation level, always choose "Advanced."
  3. Once you've created a project, go to the Sources tab and click "Create new citation" to add new sources.  You'll be able to choose the type of source (book, article, website, etc.) and fill out a form with information about the title, author, publication date, URL, and more.
  4. When you have one or more sources entered, you can go back to the Sources tab and Print/Export your bibliography or list of references.

How to create a new project

NoodleTools gives you the option to create projects as a way to organize your sources:

How to create citations

NoodleTools allows you to take your sources and create citations for them:

Using notecards and outlines

NoodleTools also includes an option for creating notecards and using them to make an outline.  These videos and help docs will cover some of the common questions about this feature, if you choose to use it.

Revalidating your NoodleTools account

If you have a NoodleTools account from a previous school year, you may be prompted to "revalidate" the account before you continue to use it this year.  Read the linked instructions to find out how:

Having trouble?

If you're having problems with NoodleTools, contact a librarian or try the NoodleTools knowledge base items linked below: