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Collecting Our COVID-19 Stories: FAQs

Information about the COVID-19 Stories project at Stevenson University.


Where will my submissions to the Collecting COVID-19 Stories Project be kept?

After being collected and processed, all submissions will be uploaded to SU Scholar Exchange, our online repository. To learn more about the SU Scholar Exchange, please visit our resource guide. 


I'm concerned about the privacy of my submission. Who will be able to view my submission and personal information? 

We understand that in some cases, stories about an individual's experiences may be quite personal and include sensitive information. We encourage you to only submit material that you are comfortable being seen and shared with others. The purpose of The Project is to make these stories and experiences available to future Stevenson community members, researchers, and the general public. Some identifying information that the library collects as part of the submission process is required to add your materials to the collection and make it searchable. 


After I submit my materials to the Project, do I still retain ownership of said materials? 

The SU Scholar Exchange acts as a place for us to store and make available your submissions to the Collecting COVID-19 Stories Project. If at any point you would like to have your materials taken down, please email and we will remove them from the repository. 

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